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Before bigger scale production of required product there is performed chemical and technological development of selected synthetic route. For this purpose, we use R&D laboratory which is fitted with equipment for small scale experiments as well as for scale-up. During development we carry out process optimisation with aim to reach target quality in good yield and with minimal wastes and impact on environment. An important part of research and development is also analytical methods development for monitoring of the process and control of quality of intermediates and final product. Suitable methods are selected based on the character of the substance.

We also provide customized research and development in the case of limited capacities at customer side and potential transfer of developed technology to target production line. Developed process is well documented in process instructions, analytical methods descriptions and development reports.

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Newly emerging company dealing with preparation of chemical specialties like starting materials and intermediates of organic syntheses as well as standards of wide chemical compounds which is difficult to get in good quality and acceptable time at current market.

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