Production is realized at 50 L production line. From this scale we are able to prepare batch size 1-5 kg based on the character of the process. Production line is fitted with all required utilities, as heating and cooling system, vacuum and exhaust system, cooling water system, nitrogen system, etc. Product separation is performed on pressure filter using vacuum and nitrogen and drying in plate dryer. During production there is ensured analytical support for monitoring of single operations.

Production is performed by train operators with supervision of experienced technologist. Although we do not have GMP certification (we are not producers of APIs themselves), all production processes as well as personnel and material flow are carried out in line with Good Manufacturing Practise principles. Therefore, important part of our production is also documentation of production process, standard operational procedures and batch manufacturing records.

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Newly emerging company dealing with preparation of chemical specialties like starting materials and intermediates of organic syntheses as well as standards of wide chemical compounds which is difficult to get in good quality and acceptable time at current market.

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