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VIRA CHEMimp s.r.o. was based as a response to difficult situation at current chemical and pharmaceutical market where is remarkable shortage in deliveries of chemical specialties like starting materials and intermediates for manufacturing of chemical and pharmaceutical substances as well as standards of API´s and impurities of the synthesis. This shortage is apparent in whole Europe and it is probably connected with historical outflow of these activities from the Continent.

VIRA CHEMimp s.r.o. is owned by two chemists with University degree and with broad experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. There is available a system of laboratories for research, development and production of mentioned compounds as well as analytical laboratories for monitoring and quality control.

We offer to our customers support in production of key compounds based on their requirements.

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About us

Newly emerging company dealing with preparation of chemical specialties like starting materials and intermediates of organic syntheses as well as standards of wide chemical compounds which is difficult to get in good quality and acceptable time at current market.

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